Dancing With Eternity Promo Video

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Dancing With Eternity – the audiobook has officially been released!

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Dancing With Eternity is now an audio book

Dancing With Eternity is now an audio book

Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie (me) read my award-winning scifi novel, Dancing With Eternity. Called “mind blowing … pitch perfect … a stellar debut that shows why science fiction is still the most interesting genre today” and “a complex, cerebral, yet exciting science fiction thriller”, Dancing With Eternity is now realized as an audiobook complete with score and sound effects. Get it here:

Dancing With Eternity Will Be Coming Out This Spring as an Audio Book!

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Dancing With Eternity is now an audio book

Dancing With Eternity is now an audio book

The legendary Ellen McLain (voice of GLaDOS in the Portal games and Gipsy Danger in Guillermo del Toro‘s epic blockbuster, Pacific Rim)DSC_0234 - Version 2 joins her husband, John Patrick Lowrie (voice of the Sniper in Team Fortress 2, Sword Control in Halo Reach, Pudge, Storm Spirit et al in DOTA 2) in bringing to electrifying life John’s award-winning scifi epic, Dancing With Eternity.new_cover Produced by Jim French Productions in crisp detail complete with music and sound effects, the book becomes a cinematic experience that lets you move through the worlds and adventures of Steel, Mohandas and the crew of the starship Lightdancer as you never have before. Feel the tropical breezes of Vesper, the lonely desert winds of Eden, experience the NavNet and interstellar flight.8x10 final The score by the author captures the tension, the mystery and wonder of this story and propels you from chapter to chapter. Every word of the original novel is brought to life.

Ellen McLain stars as the enigmatic Steel, owner of her own starship, driven by forces that will only be discovered in time. Ellen also performs all the other female characters, bringing to each one a vitality and depth that you have come to expect from this award-winning actress. John Patrick Lowrie narrates as the unemployed actor, Mohandas, who is swept up in Steel’s feverish quest. Follow them as they explore the alien yet familiar social tapestry of 40th century humanity, a place where death is almost forgotten and intimacy enhanced by a telepathic internet that connects every single individual human mind.silvermoon

Dancing With Eternity, the award-winning, critically acclaimed science fiction novel, now an epic audio book. Look for it soon on audible.com, amazon.com, and iTunes.

But What We Really Want To Do… Podcast! Episode 002

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Alessandro and John tackle the film ‘Gravity’.  This is more of a critique than a review, so *SPOILER ALERTS!*


But What We Really Want To Do… Podcast! Episode 001

Introducing a new podcast series with John Patrick Lowrie:

Sagramore, of the Impetuous Windmills podcast, joins your favorite voice actor, John Patrick Lowrie, for the first podcast in the But What We Really Want To Do… series, where they will discuss basically whatever they feel like discussing. In this episode, they happen to feel like reviewing and exploring Woody Allen’s new film Blue Jasmine. Listen, and enjoy!


John’s wife Ellen McLain recently did an interview with One PIxel Jump

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You can also read the text based interview here.

JohnRamboPresents The Show – episode 19 – Interview with John Patrick Lowrie

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The interview with John Patrick Lowrie can be found at 55:25

GLaDOS & The Sniper on Gaming World Entertainment

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Front Towards Gamer Radio – Interview with John!

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Interview with the great folks at pixelperfectmag.com!

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